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Where to go and what to do

Aosta Valley boasts an extremely wide range of naturalistic and cultural attractions. Surrounded by the highest mountains of Europe, including 5 four-hundred-meters summits, Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Gran Paradiso, Mont Rose and Grand Combin, the region appeals to the lovers of contemplation and meditation.
The vertical dimension favours the vocation for sports: alpinism, climbing, hiking, skiing, rafting, canyoning, downhill.
The most ancient Italian national park, Gran Paradiso, is entirely in the territory of Aosta Valley. Almost one third of it is protected to safeguard its biodiversity. Although comparatively small the region shows the traces of the passage of numerous civilizations: prehistoric and megalithic sites, roman remains (the triumphal arch, the porte pretoriane and amphitheatre of the city of Aosta), more than a hundred medieval castles, turrets and fortresses successively transformed and turned into renaissance residences, romanic and baroque churches.
Dozens of museums showcase the local patrimony and the lively contemporary art scene. The local craftsmanship and cuisine, and the still lively folklore (which include the millenary Foire de Saint-Ours, the historic Carnival and the arpitan culture) are internationally renowned attractions .

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We suggest shopping in the centre of Aosta, the Casino of Saint-Vincent ( and the Pré-Saint-Didier spa (